Keble college

Keble Freshers 2023

The Freshers' Committee

As well as our Freshers' President Becky, here are the other members of the committee:


Vice President
EmilyEmily, a bubbly biologist who can always be found in her 9ams or throwing quadrats in uni parks. She shows incredible commitment to various societies like netball, football, wind orchestra and defo doesn’t just show for all the socials… But something she is committed to is making this freshers week the best one ever!

Elen & Elisenda

ElenElen may have missed a good amount of her classes, but what she won’t miss out on is the opportunity to help organise the committee so that they can provide the freshers with the best freshers week Keble has ever seen. Just because she still can’t navigate her way around Oxford does not mean she won’t be able to help you navigate this amazing week! She would die for Keble.
ElisendaYou know you’re in good hands when Eli whips out her iPad, so trust and believe she is ready to micromanage the best freshers' timetable Keble has ever seen. When she’s not dedicated to her WAG life, this geographical warrior will set a colour coding apocalypse onto this freshers' week to ensure everything goes absolutely swimmingly.


AdamThe first time I met Adam he was struggling to stand up in the bathroom of spoons. The first time you meet Adam, he will be taking all your money. While possibly not a man of great first impressions, he IS renowned for his pint chopping skills. You can be sure he has all your best interests at heart.


Freshers' Entz
AbiIn charge of your fresher fun is Abi! When she isn’t on the hunt for an older man, you’ll find her trying to skip the queue at Atik with her crutches… and yet somehow still being able to dance the night away until 3AM. Whatever the circumstances, you can rely on Abi to have a good time!


Sober Rep
JadeWith strawberry nesquik in hand, Jade is often seen losing at pool in the college bar, or pretending to write her essay in the library. Her commitment to actually choosing a degree may be limited, but what she is committed to is being the best sober rep! Meaning she will plan the slayest, inclusive events.

Daisy, Ocho & Ella

Family Pairing Reps
DaisyDaisy is a Keble legacy herself (ask her about it) and is therefore looking forward to keeping the Keble family love going. Very excited to make all your family fantasies come true.
OchoOcho is a part of the families pairing trio with Daisy and Ella. She is renowned for her incredible photography skills, she will make your families picture perfect! She is also willing to help with anything international, using her experience as an international student.
EllaThat loud echo you heard when you first arrived on Keble grounds? That’ll be Ella talking up a storm in the library! The same dedication she shows when sitting in those booths will most certainly be applied to pairing you up into loving, functional families. Don’t worry, your live-in-grandma has you covered!


Stash Rep
LydiaLydia should maybe have chosen an art foundation over uni, given that her favourite activity seems to be drawing away in the library while ignoring all approaching deadlines - don't worry though, she'll defo put more effort into your freshers stash than her degree!

Noah & Alex

Sports Reps
NoahNoah (Blue) is well known across Oxford for his MoTM performance in the Varsity football match. He is the proud captain of KCFC, loves a bit of cricket and is often found watching netball matches (purely for his love of the sport). So, who better to be your sports rep than this charming young man?
AlexDue to a sincere lack of prioritising her degree over sport, Alex will be on hand to help you achieve all your sporting dreams this year! She is an active rugby Blue and honorary member of almost all college sports, for social purposes only of course...


International Rep
PollyEven if she doesn’t make the best decisions in her personal life, she’s a fountain of wisdom when it comes to all things international. She’ll be on hand to answer questions about everything Oxford, as well as for general support and advice.

Tess & Will

Freshers' Fair Reps
TessFreshers, you’re in luck, because Tess has consulted her tarot cards and the powers that be say that you’re going to have the best freshers fair in Keble history (under her excellent supervision.) Unfortunately, she probably won’t be there to see it because she’s completely nocturnal.
WillWhilst you him catch me in the shower in a different college or asleep in the JCR after a crewdate, he loves the sport side of college even more than the social side. From tennis to snooker, he has gained a reputation as one of the best sports stars in Keble.