Keble college

Keble Freshers 2023

Before you arrive

What to Bring


If you’re reading a humanities subject, you may receive a book list, and those studying a science might get recommendations for textbooks or additional readings. However, there’s no need to worry about purchasing all the books (if any), as Oxford offers an abundance of libraries with an extensive collection to cater for all the books you may need during your time here.During Fresher’s week, you will have library inductions and information provided on how to access SOLO, Oxford’s online library.


‘Sub-Fusc’ is the academic dress required for all students at Oxford. This is required to be worn at matriculation and University examinations; the gown is required to be worn at formals.The sub-fusc consists of:

  • Plain white collared shift/blouse
  • Black Shoes
  • White bow tie OR black ribbon
  • White bow tie OR black ribbon
  • Dark suit with dark socks OR either dark skirt with black stockings OR dark trousers with dark socks
  • Mortarboard
  • Gown

You can either buy your sub-fusc before arrival and choose to have it delivered to your college or to your home address. Alternatively, a lot of students go and buy their sub-fusc in Fresher’s week. However, you may need the gown for formal meals that may take place during the week so you should get it right at the start of the week.Shops in Oxford where you can purchase sub-fusc are ‘Shepherd and Woodward’ and ‘Walters of Oxford’.

Official Items

  • Funding/loans paperwork
  • Passport
  • Bank details, cards, money
  • Medical details
  • Passport photos
  • Some form of ID

Room Items

  • Sheets, pillows, duvets (there is an option to pay college to supply you with these)
  • Desk lamp (not all rooms are provided with one)
  • Cutlery, mugs, glasses, tea towels – don’t bring pots and pans etc as no kitchens
  • Washing up liquid
  • Laundry equipment (laundry bag, detergent)
  • Kettle/microwave – optional
  • Computer equipment, chargers, ethernet cable as there is an ethernet port in each room (useful but not required)

Personal Items

  • PJs, slippers etc
  • Toiletries, towels
  • Regular medication
  • Small medical kit (painkillers, plasters)
  • Stationary, notebooks
  • Relevant A level notes/books
  • Sanitary products/condoms (provided by JCR for free, both in plodge and in the JCR)
  • Day to day clothes
  • Formal wear

Other Items

  • Bike, bike lock, helmet, reflective gear, lights – register your bike with plodge when you get here to allow you to store your bike in the bike shed
  • Sports/musical equipment

Things to do

Read about University Life

For example, visit for advice and support on the transition to University.

Complete Paperwork

There is usually a substantial but manageable amount of admin related paperwork that you are required to fill out and send to college before arrival. This should be emailed to your directly from college. It is very important that you do fill these out properly and send them back to college either by post or email!

Register with local GP Surgery

For Keble students, the GP surgery to register with is the ‘Observatory Medical Centre’:

New Radcliffe House, Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6NW
01865 429993

To register with Observatory Medical Practice, your college GP Practice, please complete the secure online registration via The information you provide is confidential and comes straight to the GP Practice.

Complete pre-existing Tutor Work

Before starting at Oxford, your tutors may provide you with readings or work to complete to help with the transition to University. It is really useful and important that you complete and do your best with this work as it really does help you begin to grasp the skills required to effectively study at Oxford.